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                   Make Ready To Show Service                                                                                       
            -  Fast Clean Up, Fix Up, Paint Up
            -  Clear Out Clutter Dumpster Service
            -  Auction Off Unwanted Furnishings
            -  Rip Out Unwanted Walls and Flooring
            -  Install New Carpet, Vinyl & Laminate
            -  Replace Outdated Ceiling Lights
            -  Replace knobs and switch plates
            -  Replace Sinks and Toilets
            -  Tub, Tile and Sink Refinishing

Academy Paint and Flooring works with "Listing Agents'
  and "Home Sellers" to get your home " Ready To Sell"
quickly at affordable pricing.
Our experienced painting and decorating professionals
offer great ideas to sell your home quickly.
This is all done at affordable pricing.
This means "Higher Seller's Proceeds"!

  " Tub  Refinishing"
  for Hundreds of  $'s

  instead of Thousands